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BALTSTATA, UAB Ekspedijavimas, krovinių pervežimas, gabenimas, logistika, dalinių, temperatūrinių krovinių gabenimas, pervežimas

Baltstata, UAB, is a Lithuanian capital company established in 2006 that organizes the carriage of goods and demonstrates stable operation and consistent growth. The company started its business by offering its services in Lithuania only, but now it cooperates with partners from Latvia, Estonia and Poland. If you need a permanent business partner who meets your needs and expectations, you are always welcome to contact our professional team. We will do our best to make sure that you receive high-quality services at fair and competitive prices. We seek to become your long-term partner on the road towards achieving our common goals. Reliability – we will deliver your goods safely and on time; Partnership – we will become your partner on the road towards achieving our common goals; Stability – the carriage of goods is organized without any interruptions, regardless of specific seasons; Flexibility – any and all issues are handled by way of reaching mutually acceptable solutions

Activity description

Forwarding managers LT-LV-EE

LT-LV +370 656 71303

LT-LV-EE +370 656 88664

LT-LV-EE +370 656 26206

LT-LV-EE +370 630 08082

LT-LV-EE-PL +370 656 57862

Forwarding managers LT-LV-EE–PL-SK-CZ

LT-LV < > CZ-SK, LT-LV < > S-FIN-N +37065688338

LV-LT< > DE-FR +370 684 78282

Forwarding managers EU-СНГ



Carriage of goods in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Belarus; other routes will be agreed on separately;
Carriage of goods by 14, 35, 50, 92, 100 and 120 m3 soft-sided trucks, trailers and semi-trailers.

Full cargo transportation
We offer full cargo transportation services in Europe and CIS countries. We specialize in the Baltic market. The company uses 92 m3 soft-sided semi-trailers for the carriage of goods. Depending on the customer’s requests, we select vehicles that meet the cargo weight, volume and loading requirements. We coordinate arrival, loading, carriage and timely delivery processes. Our team can offer their customers favourable terms of transportation, prices and high-quality service. Contact us regarding the carriage of your goods.

Partial cargo transportation
Partial cargo transportation is a method of carriage, when goods of two or more customers are transported at the same time. This helps to save costs, because allows ordering part of the vehicle, and the goods arrive equally as quickly. We provide partial cargo transportation services in all European countries. We specialize in the Baltic market. The company organizes the carriage of partial cargo of different sizes. We select a vehicle depending on the measurements of cargo and customer requests to accommodate to the loading capacities of the customers and the required deadlines for carriage. Contact us regarding the carriage of your goods.

Carriage of temperature-sensitive goods
We offer services of carriage of temperature-sensitive goods in Europe and CIS countries, ensuring constant control of the overall temperature of goods and that of individual items, and the carriage of goods in vehicles (single or dual temperature zone) meeting the European Union safety and environmental requirements. The company own semi-trailers for foods and other temperature-sensitive goods, maintaining the temperature from -25°C to +25°C. All semi-trailers are equipped with thermographs and can carry up to 33 EUR-pallets; the semi-trailers can carry load of up to 24 tons. The company can replace pallets. Measurements: 13.42 m x 2.49 m x 2.65 m (88 m³). Goods can be carried fully or partially assembled. Contact us regarding the carriage of your goods.

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