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CERAME, UAB Keramika, keramikos dirbiniai. Suvenyrai ir dovanos. Verslo dovanos iš metalo, iš keramikos

Activity description

CERA creates and produces: metal, ceramic, plastic, promotional souvenirs and gifts - medals, military medals, insignias of rank, prizes, pins, key rings, emblems, bells, bottle openers, church keys, badges

We create and produce high-quality products by individual orders. With our rich experience we can offer high-quality and fast service.

In the way of casting, stamping and engraving we produce metal souvenirs - medals, plates, badges, awards of honour, prizes, key rings, bottle openers, decorative magnets, etc.

CERA produce products from copper, bronze, tin, zinc,, and coated with gold, silver, bronze, nickel, chromium plating. Souvenirs are made with different soft, synthetic or hard (cloissone).



metal souvenirs, medals, plates, badges, awards of honor, prizes, key rings, bottle openers, decorative magnets

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