www.1588.lt – it is one of the popular business search platform in Lithuania, which presents comprehensive information about Lithuanian companies, products and services which they offer, also provide the opportunity to find interested companies managers and their contacts in data of contact persons in the database. Project is intended for business companies seeking to effectively use complex advertising, awareness and promotion decisions online.

More often users search information on mobile devices, so www.1588.lt is completely adapted to this kind of search. Clear website structure and functional design ensures comfortable and intuitively easy browsing.

Why it is worth to be www.1588.lt?

  • Opportunity to choose various combined advertising, recognition-raising and promotion decisions;
  • In website www.1588.lt will be created information page for you, which will represent you companies activity. In it will be the logo of your company, uploaded photos and videos, added detailed companies and and proposed products / services descriptions, keywords and other;
  • Given the opportunity publish information to the targeted activities, thus achieving potential and interested buyers of goods or services;
  • Possibility of using tvisual advertising solutions presenting your company and its services very widely or targeted audiences;
  • Keywords and the search for corresponding advertising - exactly what encourage the user to refer to your company;
  • You have the opportunity to represent your company in market leadership position;
  • It is easier to reach potential consumer audience (20-50 years of big cities residents).
  • During the year, captured ~ 1.5 million visits, reviewed ~ 3 million of pages (Google Analytics data, 2015).
  • Because www.1588.lt brings together buyers and sellers!


1588 – free* information number, which given business, cultural, leisure, tourism and other types of information. Information service working around the clock, seven days a week in order to maintain a professional relationship with consumers and to ensure a high quality of customer service.

To alll questions - one answer – 1588

1588 number provide the following information:

  • Business information
  • Detailed information about all Lithuanian and foreign companies;
  • Detailed information about all Lithuanian and foreign government institutions.
  • Cultural information
  • Information about in Lithuania and abroad organized concerts, celebrations, festivals and other events;
  • Theaters and cinemas repertoires;
  • Ticket prices.
  • Leisure information
  • Information about various lotteries and their results;
  • Information about in Lithuania and abroad, sporting events and their results;
  • Lithuanian and foreign TV programs;
  • Lithuanian and abroad weather forecasts;
  • Daily, monthly and yearly horoscopes.
  • Tourism information
  • Information about trips abroad;
  • Information about relaxation opportunities Lithuanian village, Lithuanian national and regional parks;
  • Information about the stud farms and riding schools, sailing and yacht clubs;
  • Information about sightseeing and tourist flights;
  • Information about trips on rivers and lakes;
  • Information about children's summer vacation.
  • Other information
  • Exchange rates;
  • Transport timetables;
  • and etc.

Why is worth to become partner in 1588 information service?

  • Detailed information about your company's activities number 1588 customers will receive for free *;
  • Free* information number 1588 will give opportunity to get more requests from customers and potential customers;
  • Information about your company will be published across Lithuania the entire day, seven days a week.
  • Customers who calling the short number 1588, and looking for information about your company will be directly connected with your employees.

* The service is provided all day by your telephone operator tariffs

Advertise in foreign databases

You are going not to remain blocked clients from Lithuania - we have a great way for your business! We will recommend your company and will present its activities and the proposed production in partners call centers and online databases in Latvia and Estonia.


Get your personal offer by contacting us. We have experience in developing business in the foreign market and we are ready to help you.

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