SEO (Search Engines Optimization) - is a website optimizing for search engines, for example, „Google“, „Yahoo“, „Yandex“, „Bing“ and other. In other words, website optimization is website customization to the search engine, that introducing of certain key phrases, among first results would be visible your website. It is particularly important that optimizes website would be at least in the first ten search engine results, because then it attracts mostly visitors who came through search. In Lithuania is the most popular search engine is Google (used by 98% of Internet users), so we provide our customers with efficient, high quality and various of SEO services in this particular search engine.

There are two types of SEO: internal SEO (according to Google's search engine requirements your site managed internally) and external SEO (your site's ranking increasing and raising on Google search engine). For high quality and effective website optimization recommended internal and external SEO services.

Services provided:

  • SEO specialist consultations;
  • website SEO analysis;
  • necessary website changes;
  • recommendations for changes which need to carry out (if it is not possible to carry out it on their own);
  • existing / newly prepared texts of website management;
  • SEO texts / articles writing;
  • creation of network links;
  • analysis of changes results;
  • operative adjustment to requirements of search changes;
  • attendance and project implementation monitoring.

For SEO services, please contact:
Tel. +370 613 87583 | [email protected]